Mis Understanding Essay

I would describe myself as a well-rounded person. I like to shop, spend time with family and friends, watch sports and sometimes read a little.

I truly believe in treating people the way I would want to be treated, which in my mind is the golden rule.

There are very few occasions where I have been in situations that have provoked me to act an absurd way.

I wonder how many times a person has been put in those types of circumstances, especially dealing with someone who may have the upper hand.

Rude encounters are something that people deal with everyday.

There is always someone who has a bad attitude due to a bad day or waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

Imagine having to deal with that person inside your doctor’s office, workplace or even classroom.

Let’s start with the basics by defining rudeness.

Some people may define rudeness as being on a cell phone while the teacher is giving a lecture.

Others may define being rude as a teacher pin pointing a student out for being late to class. Wikipedia says that rudeness is being disrespectful in a nonchalant way towards your peers or social class.

Nevertheless, rudeness really lies in the eye of the receiver, simply because it is up to them to interpret the message in their own way.

Normally, it is not what you say, it is how you say it. In my opinion, in the classroom, it is very important to have a professional student/teacher relationship.

It is essential for the student to get to know the teacher’s personality and how he or she operates in the classroom, and it’s also important for the teacher to know the students personality in a learning environment.

If this step is not established, then it leaves room for error between the student and teacher.

For example, I wrote a paper for a class, turned it in for a grade and got the paper back a few days later.

The teacher made a large number of comments on my paper, which were very informative.

But, there was one particular comment that I thought was quite degrading as a student, and actually quite rude.

“How dumb is this line,” my professor wrote.

I will be honest and say my paper was marked in red ink from beginning to end, but those five words stuck out to me.

At that point in time, I felt like that was the only thing he wrote on my paper. I did not say anything to him in the classroom.

So, I went home and called a few friends to get their opinions about the incident.

I wanted to make sure I was not taking his comment out of context.

The next day, I was on campus and I talked to a student who has taken a class with my professor before and is well aware of his personality.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said. “It is just how he talks. His personality is very funny, sarcastic and nonchalant. He didn’t mean it like that.”

That same evening, I attended an awards banquet, and my instructor was there. He offered some ideas on how to write my next paper better.

He said this with a very pleasant and acceptable tone, with a smile on his face.

From that point on I realized I took his comment wrong. It was all in how I, the recipient, comprehended his corrections.

This was just my single encounter in the classroom, and I am sure others have stories just like this one.

Some people may have something called a natural attitude. Which means nothing they say is in a nice tone, but they truly do not mean any harm in their words.

If a professor or student acts in this manner, it could automatically cause tension inside the classroom.

Not to mention, it can be bad not only for the student, but also the peers in the classroom.

It is unbelievable that something as small as words or tone can affect how a person acts or thinks around you.

I would advise any teacher or student to watch their tone and the words they say to each other due to the levels of misunderstanding that could take place.

It not only can be bad for the professional relationship held between the student and teacher, but also for the university as a whole.

I have learned my lesson and it is something that I will be able to take into my career.

Misunderstanding in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

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Misunderstanding in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Walter Cunningham arriving and presenting himself at the finch
household poses some questions for Jem. Firstly she cannot understand
the agricultural terms as Atticus and Walter discuss crops. “…but
there’s another’n at the house now that’s field size.”

Jem takes this as Walter saying that he has employed someone to help
with the cutting and thus asks him if he paid with a bushel of
potatoes. Jem’s mindset of the Cunningham’s not paying money but
paying in whatever ways they can comes from Atticus’ advice in the
previous pages.

Jem’s amazement at how Atticus and Walter talked together like two men
clearly comes from a misunderstanding of the Cunningham household. Her
understanding of the Cunninghams are that they are not the sharpest
tools in the shed. Her amazement is highlighted by the quote, “…he and
Atticus talked together like two men, to the wonderment of Jem and

Again, later on in the extract, Jem does not understand that Walter is
equally as human as she is. Once again Harper Lee presents the facts
with a little innuendo which touches on discrimination which is
basically the heart of the book. “He ain’t company, Cal, he’s just a

Another of Jem’s misunderstandings is the molasses incident. Again she
cannot understand why Walter drenches his food in molasses. It
probably will originate from Walter’s upbringing as a “farm boy”.
Molasses was probably cheap as chips on the farm where financial
difficulty was rife. The author however employs a skilful phrase used
in the South of America when describing Jem’s amazement, “…what the
sam hill he was doing.”

Jem does however understand that Calpurnia is one coloured person who
is educated. Jem realizes this by how good her grammar was during
tranquility. Again there is a misunderstanding on Jem’s part. She
generalizes by implies that most coloured folk are not educated. The
author presents these facts in such a way that it touches a major
theme of the book, misunderstanding.

As Calpurnia sent Jem off with a smack, Jem remarked that she’ll go
and drown herself in Barker’s Eddy. This stresses the fact that Jem
does not understand the ways and means of discipline. The author
presents Jem almost as a headstrong girl who just cannot accept that
this coloured lady could tell her what to do and how to present

Once again Miss Caroline Fisher comes into play. Her strict accordance
to the rules of the new teaching system does not allow Jem to read or

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Jem blames Calpurnia for teaching her to write however she does
not understand that it is a good thing and not a bad thing.

Misunderstanding the Cunninghams, misunderstanding coloured folk,
misunderstanding the education system and most importantly
misunderstanding Boo Radley which comes across later in the novel goes
hand in hand with discrimination in this novel. Harper Lee presents
this discrimination very subtly with innuendos throughout the novel
until both these themes blow into the upcoming court case. The author,
through her artful diction, balances the fine line between
understanding and misunderstanding as well as discrimination and
tolerance. Try to picture someone’s life in their shoes.

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