Latex Bibliography Title Capital Letters In Calligraphy

Starting a new thread based on Dan's suggestion:

From the example posted in the other thread, the exported BibTeX for the title field is now (with the updated translator):

title = {The electrodynamics of substances with simultaneously negative values of e and µ},

Rather than the '?' that appeared prior to the latest translator update. However, there are two problems:
1) Epsilon should be ε, not e, but more importantly...
2) As far as I know, LaTeX/BibTeX chokes on those characters; they should actually be $\epsilon$ and $\mu$, in order to be properly rendered in a bibliography. This is what I would have done if creating the BibTeX entry manually. As it is now, a PDF compiled referencing that BibTeX entry displays:

V. G. Veselago, "The electrodynamics of substances with simultaneously
negative values of and ," Soviet Physics Uspekhi, vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 509-
514, 1968.

What is the supported/recommended method for inclusion of Greek characters in Zotero fields?

Thanks in advance.

I've checked this against the contents of the plain.bst file, rather thanrelying on dimly recalled assertions about what bibtex does, as per the post of mine I deleted... plain.bst treats titles in one of two ways, using the functions it defines, first, format.title, used, e.g., for @article, which lowercases, and then format.btitle, used for @book, which puts the title in emphasis without touching the capitalisation.

Rules for capitalising titles are complex, complex enough that one can't expect a .bst file to completely automate it. For example, Chicago Manual of Style says one should "Lowercase prepositions, regardless of length" with a list of examples. But prepositionhood is a semantic role, that is syntactically generative: CMoS gives as an example preposition "according to". And one of the exceptions is to capitalise when the preposition is stressed: e.g., in "Alice Through the Looking Glass", where stress isn't even semantic, but a pragmatic property of the word. So it's not the bst's role.

So the Right Thing is to put title strings in title case, protecting the capitalisation of proper names with {}s (e.g., From {B}rouwer to {H}ilbert). Do this with articles too, since some reflist styles, e.g., MLA, put article titles into title case, but most scientif styles lowercase them.

plain.bst gets one thing wrong: for @article, it does not consider colons, which are used to indicate subtitles. So protect the capital letter after colons.

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