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Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement

I would like to study nursing because I feel it will lead me directly to one of the most emotionally fulfilling careers available, as well as giving me the chance combine helping people's mental well being with their physical health. It would give me the opportunity to study something that involves both academic and practical study, which I feel would suit me best.

One of the areas I am most interested in is mental health nursing, a career that needs patience and empathy, and which could be especially rewarding in terms of the help I could give. Having parents who have both worked as social workers has given me an open minded knowledge of what work in this area really entails. I am also interested in the contrasting portrayals of mental health within the media and especially enjoyed reading both Jeffrey Masson's take on psychotherapy in 'Against Therapy,' and Ken Kesey's portrayl of a mental health institution in the 1950's.

Whilst helping to further my sister's development I attended one day Makaton and Numicon sessions, learning how to teach and use both effectively. I was particularly interested in how much practicing different communication methods could make a difference in the lives of those with learning disabilities and their families. I have also sat in on both group and one on one speech therapy sessions and was able to see the effects of these over time. It was interesting to see how the sessions were adapted to suit children of different ability and ages. It was also informative to see how much the parents were involved and taught to carry forward the techniques so just one session would be effective for a much longer time.

For work experience I spent a week at Amwell View special school in Hertfordshire. For the first part of the week I worked with a small class of children of similar ability, and was able to see how play, art and music were used to help their educational development as well as how the children were taught to develop socially. For the second part of the week I helped with organising the school summer production; this time working with a group of children from all years making the art and scenery and practicing lines and choreography. Although challenging at times, I found this work extremely rewarding. It sparked a passion for working with people, especial after seeing the progress that could be made in just one week, how the parents were supported and involved and seeing how much good the school could do.

My strong mathematical background has given me problem solving and logical skills I feel will be essential for nursing, as well as giving me a good understanding of the mathematics involved in nursing. Further Maths and Physics taught me to apply a range of methods to solve problems with no obvious solution, and to apply mathematical and logical techniques to everyday problems. I also study history, giving me analytical and essay writing skills often involved in a nursing degree, and have learned to draw conclusions from many different ideas and interpretations. This could help me to get to the bottom of a patient's problems and will be especially useful whilst working in mental health.

I practice yoga twice a week, and on Saturdays I work at my local Oxfam shop giving me a chance to meet many different people whilst having the satisfaction of knowing I am making a difference. I am involved in my schools 'Amnesty International' group, helping to organise a party to celebrate "human week" as well as raising a general awareness of Amnesty International's work.

Universities Applied to:

  • Oxford Brookes - offer
  • Birmingham - offer
  • Manchester - offer
  • KCL - rejected after interview


General Comments:

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Mental Health Nursing

Statistics show that 1 in 4 people in the United Kingdom will endure a mental health problem at some time within their life, resulting in members of society requiring assistance with their mental Health. Mental health nurses aim to care for members of society with mental health conditions in addition to supporting their families or carers to secure a positive life experience for the people who do suffer with a mental disorder.

My personal reason for applying to university to study mental health nursing is that I endured multiple mental disorders since childhood; this had a huge impact on my education, social abilities and emotional health. I went through behaviourist, psychodynamic, cognitive and humanistic therapeutic approaches which gave me a fantastic learning experience into managing, not only my own mental health but other peoples who have suffered mental disorders such as dementia, schizophrenia, anxiety and depression during my volunteer work and work experiences.

I aim to continue assisting other people with mental health conditions through studying mental health nursing which would provide me with a wider learning experience and real expertise in this field. Within college, studying English Language has gave me a biological and psychological insight into speech and language development and problems that can arise with speech and language development, I then put that education into practice during my work placement. Service users with dementia may lose the connection between the neurons in the brain resulting in an inability to speak. I then overcame that problem by using pictures to assist people with dementia to remember their interests, hobbies and family members which I learnt by role playing in Health and Social Care.

Furthermore, I completed a report on dementia, referring to the biological effects. In addition to the psychology unit in Health and Social Care; I had to study parts of the nervous system in addition to a range of psychological approaches.

Outside of college I took up work experience in my free time, providing or observing care assistance such as changing, cleaning, washing, toileting and feeding to elderly service users with dementia in addition to other mental health conditions. I then worked with a range of service users with physical and mental disabilities or impairments, resulting in voluntary work, assisting in art therapy, music therapy, life skills, and physical therapies such as horse riding in which I have acquired a level 6 in (British Horse Riding Society). I had to communicate and interpret in sign language as a result of some service users not being able to communicate verbally or have an audiological impairment. As a result of this, I am now achieving a level 1 certificate in sign language.

I have good knowledge of the legal side of mental health as I conducted work experience with a solicitor within the will and probate sector which required handling power of attorney cases of elders with mental health problems that couldn't manage their finances, businesses or estate and it is during that experience, I felt passionate towards working with people with mental health conditions resulting in my dedication to the care sector.

First aid training can be a requirement at work; therefore I trained in emergency first aid at work so I can provide assistance to people who are injured or ill whilst in a workplace. Within college I was elected to serve in the Student Union, taking part in the organisation of charity events, promoting gender, sexuality, race and religious equality. I have written a comedic article for my college magazine as well.

I want to learn professionally how to manage mental health and learn more of the biological theory behind it, which is why mental health nursing at university is my preferred career option. After my degree, I would like to progress into clinical research; I have a huge passion for research since learning about research in sociology and currently I am putting the research methods into practice by carrying out sociolinguistic research for my English Language project.

Universities Applied to:

  • The University of Manchester (Mental Health Nursing)
  • UCLAN (Mental Health Nursing)
  • The University of Chester (Mental Health Nursing)
  • The University of Southampton (Duel Mental Health & Adult Nursing)
  • De Montfort University (Duel Mental Heath & Adult Nursing)

Predicted Grades:

  • Health and Social Care Btec Cetificate (A2) - A
  • Sociology (A2) - A
  • English Language (A2) - A


General Comments:

Currently carrying out further work experiences, volunteer work and aiming for a paid job in the care sector in relation to mental health nursing.

Comments on the statement:

Please give comments on what you think about my statement. :)

Article by TSR User on Thursday 15 February 2018

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