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Radiation Therapists work with patients diagnosed with cancer and use radiated light to treat tumors. Typical sample resumes for Radiation Therapists emphasize duties like ensuring patient safety, updating records, offering advice, maintaining equipment, and following treatment plans prescribed by oncologists. A successful example resume for Radiation Therapist should highlight professional demeanor, compassion, physical fitness as they may need to lift patients, and thorough knowledge of safety procedures. Employers select candidates who have completed radiation therapy programs. Licensure is required in some states.

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Radiation Therapist

Delivered radiation treatments to adult and pediatric patients according to treatment prescriptions

  • Calculated the precise radiation dose required and recorded details of procedures to be utilized
  • Thoroughly explained procedures to patients, stabilized patients in preparation for treatment delivery and monitored patients during treatment
  • Operated treatment machines, associated equipment and computer verification systems to deliver the planned treatment accurately
  • Scheduled appointments and conducted billing and treatment information verifications using the Impac system

Radiation Therapist

  • Operated an Elekta SLi with IMRT, Elekta SL25, and Philips conventional simulator.
  • Set up and administered radiation treatments to cancer patients.
  • Documented and maintained detailed records of patient's treatments.
  • Simulated patient set-ups of varied complexity utilizing CT scan.

Radiation Therapist

Administered prescribed doses of radiation to cancer patients ordered by Radiation Oncologist

  • Precisely positioned patients to reproduce treatment plans and verifying with periodic port films
  • Maintained accurate daily records in the patient's chart
  • Performed simulations and fabricated custom treatment devices
  • Provided high quality, compassionate, and consistent care.
  • Equipment used includes: Varian 21EX Linac, Elekta SLI, Nucletron/Oldelft Simulator, GE CT Simulator

Chief Radiation Therapist

  • Actively participated in patient simulations and treatments as well as directed clinic workflow, supervised, trained, and managed therapists & students.
  • Worked directly with the Radiation Oncologist to oversee daily clinical activities.
  • Incorporated and implemented innovative ideas and policies to aid in developing a growing facility. Held monthly staff meetings to discuss changes and concerns.
  • Improved the quality of patient care by promoting an encouraging environment.

Lead Radiation Therapist - Xoft Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy

Innovated Xoft Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy to Nevada in Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute.

  • Developed policy and procedure documentation, as well as, treatment protocol. Created QA & QC based on state regulations.
  • Trained and educated new therapists, as well as, medical staff and several Radiation Oncologists in Xoft (eBx).
  • Administered billing with appropriate coding.

Staff Radiation Therapist

Delivered accurately the prescribed planned course of radiation therapy to patients

  • Observed patient for unusual reaction and events
  • Observed radiation safety measures for patients and personnel.
  • Delivered the precise planned course of radiation therapy utilizing the radio-surgery system with close supervision from attending physicians.
  • Delivered the precise prescribed planned course of radiation therapy utilizing the high dose remote afterloader in conjunction with the attending Radiation Oncologist and Radiation Physicist.
  • Division call on a rotating basis.

Student Radiation Therapist

  • Operated Varian TrueBeam STX linear accelerators. ARIA platform
  • Observed SRS treatment brain lab procedures
  • Assisted and performed in 4D breath-hold gating practices
  • Administered and observed contrast Medrad-Stellant D injection system

Radiation Therapist

  • Performed daily treatments on Varian Clinac 4mv and 1800 therapy machines
  • Provided hyperthermia treatments from 1984 through 1988
  • Served as preceptor for new hires and Radiation Therapy students
  • Cut custom blocks using manual Huestis model
  • Collaborated with Healthcare provider's to deliver and improve patient care
  • Provided support to patient's and their families

Radiation Therapist

Treat cancer patients with Elekta Precise Treatment System, as well as TomoTherapy HI-Art System.

  • Exceptionally knowledgeable with TomoTherapy and TOMODirect Software and Treatment Delivery.
  • Medi-Tech Software super-user for entire facility.
  • Created a computerized filing system to keep a record of archived TomoTherapy patients using Microsoft Excel, that is currently being used throughout the facility.
  • Developed and organized a filing system for End of Treatment Patient Charts, which was previously non-existent.
  • Extremely proficient with multiple aspects of Microsoft Office Software.

Radiation Therapist

Worked on Varian 2300 and 2100 EX treatment units

  • Used ARIA and Mosaiq information and image management system
  • Prepared the room and equipment for the patient in regards to immobilization devices, field parameters and beam shaping devices
  • Assessed patients for individual needs such as emotional support, skin care, nutrition and patient education
  • Diligently recorded daily treatment, simulation notes and other documentation required on patient charts


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Harold Martin
299 Youngston Parkway
London UK NW80QE
Deal University Hospital

RE: Radiation Therapist (Code 8867)

The attached resume details my 10 years of experience as a compassionate Radiation Therapist. I guarantee I would make a competent and dynamic member of your team.

My professional history includes work as a Radiation Therapist at the following hospitals: Burnside University Health Centre Raleigh Hospital and Wallingford County Hospital.

In these positions my responsibilities included:

  • Localising tumors.
  • Planning treatment with oncologists.
  • Delivering doses of radiation.
  • Helping to maintain work areas to ACRO standards.
  • Ensuring procedures were code captured accurately in ARIA.

I am also currently registered by the American Registry of Radiological Technologists (ARRT) and have Current Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) training.

I will contact you this week to confirm receipt of my resume and to arrange a time to interview.


Victoria Molina

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