Essay Topics In Ielts Exam In Dubai

Today I’ve got 2 sets of Speaking questions from a recent IELTS exam, one from UAE and one from the Philippines.

Speaking Test 1

– What is your name?
– Are you working or studying?
– What kind of work do you do?
– What makes you like your job?
– Did you have experience in painting, when you were little?
– Do you think painting will be good for school age children?
– Why do you think people buy paintings?
– Are you going to buy a painting?

Cue Card
Tell me about the job you would like to have in the future, you should say:
– What kind of job is it?
– Why you would like it?
– What difference does it have with the job you have now?

– What kind of friends would you like to meet?
– Are you going to invite them in your house or go out instead?

Speaking Test 2

– Do you work or study?
– Do you enjoy shopping?
– What do you usually do in your free time?
– Who shops most of the time?
– What is music to you?
– What kind of music do they usually play in the Philippines?
– What is the significance of music for every individual?
– Why do they play music in the shopping malls?
– When you were young, think of a music that you liked most – why did you like that kind of music?

Cue card 1
Talk about a situation you needed help, you should say
– What it was all about
– Who helped you,
– Why it is very important to you

Cue Card 2
Describe a conversation you had in the past, that is very important to you.
– Whom did you have it with ?
– What happened?
– What did your learn from it?
– Why was it important to you?

– Do you still talk to that person?
– Did you share the conversation you had with that person with any other family member?
– What do you think would be the problem if two people talking had two different languages?
– Do you think a face to face conversation is better than talking to someone over the phone?
– What do you think is a good conversationalist?
– Do you think using an interpreter would help if two people conversing had different languages?
– What do you think could be a problem when using an interpreter?


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Beware of false advertising

If you search the web for IELTS Essay Topics 2017 (or 2016), you’ll get a lot of results. What do these results have in common? None of them are from the official IELTS websites.

This is because the IELTS itself has a policy of not releasing its most recent exam materials. So where are all these supposedly brand-new IELTS essay topics coming from? And are these topics real?

Many websites claim to offer this year’s IELTS essay topics. However, such sites seldom provide any verification that the topics come from real recent tests. Currently, one of the top results for “IELTS Essay Topics 2017” boasts that it has a topic from an “actual test.” But when you click the link, there is no explanation as to how the website might have gotten a “real” essay question from an “actual” 2017 test.

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In addition, the memory of test-takers may not be reliable. Taking an exam is stressful, and students can’t be expected to perfectly recall the wording of their IELTS essay topics. Do yourself a favor and review key test taking strategies for the IELTS Writing Task 1 and IELTS Writing Task 2, so you’ll be prepared regardless of what the topic is!

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