Homework Packet


Every Monday your child will bring home a Choice Homework Board. On the board, there are various choices of homework for your child to complete that week.

He/she can choose 4 of the activities to complete for homework that week. They MUST complete at least 4 different activities. Please encourage them to complete more than 4 activities. The  bottom, middle square on each homework board MUST BE COMPLETED!

Students will have a week to complete the packet. Packets are due the following Monday. Please SIGNthe bottom of their homework page, initial each square and send the packet back to school.

*Please note that students must also read for 10-15 minutes each night. (Raz-Kids counts towards your child’s reading!) Please initial each night that your child reads on the homework packet. I felt that a homework packet would be much easier for you to manage at home. I know students are involved in various activities outside of school. The homework packet allows you to take advantage of those less busy nights.

Thank you,

                                               Mrs. Fritz 





                                                                        Homework p. 1


                                                                        Homework p. 2


                                                                        Homework p. 3


                                                                        Homework p. 4


                                                                        Homework p. 5


                                                                        Homework p. 6


                                                                        Homework p. 7


                                                                        Homework p. 8 


                                                                        Note to Parents 

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