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HRM/498 - Week 5

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Individual: Strategic HRM Plan

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American Plastics had fared rather worse than its competitors during the economic downturn. With revenue, quality, and productivity down, management set several goals to reverse the company's fortune. One area in need of improvement was human resources and "Janet," the newly appointed HR Director faced a daunting challenge: to quickly reinvent the Human Resources function, reposition it a strategic partner to
the business, and improve employee perceptions of her department.


Her predecessor retired after leading a major reduction in force causing a significant exodus of key talent, some unexpected. Janet was charged with finding a way to retain top talent and develop a steady but highly-qualified stream of candidates to fill regular as well as critical positions. The CEO agreed with her that differentiating the human
resources function was essential for the company's strategic plan to succeed.
In her first two weeks on the job Janet discovered:
• Job descriptions were inconsistent, long but vague lists of high level "duties and

    responsibilities" and qualifications
• Job titles didn't reflect the work people did, used instead as a framework for budgeting

    and compensation as many were doing unique work requiring different knowledge

    and skills.
• Aside from providing a coordinating function, human resources had outsourced

    recruiting to third parties who presented candidates based on their internet postings

    and other sources. No matter the level or criticality of the open position, human

    resources rarely conducted interviews or assessments before or after handing over the

    third party resumes to the hiring organization and would get involved again only when

    a candidate was selected.
• HR's participation in the onboarding process of new employees was limited to having

    them attend a half-day orientation session where, between a video and a slide

    presentation about the company, they filled out benefits-related, payroll, ID and other

    paper forms.
• Training and Development (T&D) had largely been outsourced to several companies

    that provided generic on-line courses.
• The recent departure of several mission-critical employees disclosed no systematic

    means of capturing expertise from employees; when they left, their knowledge left with

• The Performance Employee Evaluation Program didn't align with anything, was viewed

    by managers and individual contributors alike as a burdensome annual chore that

    interfered with people's "real jobs."
The management of talent is one of a handful of strategic services human resources can offer. The decline of traditional HR functions through automation, self-service, and outsourcing demands a "culture change" within human resources: adopt a business focus by an organization still structured largely around benefits administration, time and attendance reporting, labor cost processing, and similar transactional operations.
Write a communications plan not to exceed 1,050 words to support the strategy of American Plastics.
Justify why they were important for your strategic HRM planning process.
Recommend how to address these considerations.
Focus on resolution of the human resource management challenges in order to support operational strategies.
Cite all sources according to APA formatting guidelines.
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STRATEGIC HRM PLAN, PART II 2 Strategic HRM Plan, Part II: Strategic Plan and Environmental Analysis Report Nordstrom, Inc. Nordstrom is a North American shoe, apparel and accessory department store that operate in 30 states with 225 locations, including: 116 full stores, 105 Nordstrom Racks, 2 Jeffrey Boutiques, HauteLook, Treasure & Bond store, clearance store and serving customers online and via catalog (Nordstrom, Inc, 2012). John W. Nordstrom and Carl Wallin founded Nordstrom in 1901 as a shoe store in Seattle, Washington that after three generations grew to a series of 225 stores offering shoes, apparel and accessories for women, men, and children of all ages, and lifestyles. Since its foundation, John W. Nordstrom’s philosophy was to “offer the customer the best possible service, selection, quality, and value”. Nordstrom (NYSE, JWN) made its initial public offering in 1971 (Nordstrom, Inc, 2012). HR Conditions For 15 consecutive years, Nordstrom has been ranked as one of the Best Places to Work from Fortune 100 Magazine; this demonstrates that the current employees are very well taken care of and enjoy working at Nordstrom (Nordstrom, 2012). Diversity is a major contributor to the culture at Nordstrom. According to the Nordstrom, Inc., Careers, (2012) web page diversity is a driving force for their characteristic customer service and reflecting the communities they serve. The workforce diversity rates are: 42% individuals of color, and 72% women. Management diversity rates are 31% individuals of color, and 72% women (Nordstrom, 2012). Nordstrom supports diversity in its workforce and suppliers to reach out to a diverse market share while providing excellent customer service and merchandise (Nordstrom, 2012). It is inferred that the financial success of Nordstrom is not only credited to the merchandise quality, John W. Nordstrom’s philosophy has impacted the longstanding success of its growing empire (Nordstrom, 2012). In keeping with the current strategy to include diversity in the workplace, suppliers and customers, the best strategy is to maintain diversity a high priority with the hope to continue standings as a reputable employer business for all its stakeholders.

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