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Should Mobile Phones be Banned in Schools? Essay

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With the blooming development of science and technology, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of life. The increasing number of teenagers who use a cell phone in schools which disrupts classrooms orders has become a major concern. However, mobile phones should not be banned in schools. Actually, it is not necessary to ban mobile phones in schools. Additionally, using mobile phones in schools has some positive influences. Furthermore, it is likewise a human right for students.

Firstly, through implementing some campus rules and some technological means, the negative impresses of using mobile phones will be eliminated properly. Why people think that mobile phones should be banned in school? The reasons are that using mobile in…show more content…

In addition, some effective technological means should be used in the classes. Using shielding facility to screen cell phone signals is a significant way to face the chatting problems during the exam. Considering all these ways, use mobile phones in schools should be allowed. There is no reason to neglect benefits of mobile phones by possible potential problems.

Secondly, it is no doubt that using mobile phones in campuses has many advantages. One reason is that using mobile phones in schools provide a new platform for education systems similarly as laptops, desktops and personal digital assistant (Rankin, 2008). Use mobile phones may help people to download power point slides, take notes, share ideas with others by Bluetooth and research questions on web side etc. Moreover mobile phones are used to check class schedules or take quizzes on the way to schools (Kharif 2008). The other reason is that students may have a good communication with their parents by using mobile phones during school time even for emergency situations. There is two third of parents contact their children during campus time, mainly to awoke them of medical appointments or other commitments. (Beattie, 2009) Consequently, students should be encouraged bring mobile phones to school.

Lastly, it is a basic right for students to bring mobile phones. It is because no constitution prescribes that teenagers cannot bring a cell phone to school. This is clearly that youth use mobile

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Essay on should students be allowed to use cell phones in school

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Tania Choudhury Grade 8 Mount Vernon School Room 218

Persuasive Essay / Cellular Telephone
Cell Phones: Many American youth now have cell phones that they carry with them everywhere .Should cell phones be allowed at school ?Many teachers and students claim that phones are distracting while many parents and students insist that phones are necessary. Write a persuasive essay explaining your position on the issue. Although not everybody would agree, but I think that cell phones should not be allowed to bring to school. I have…show more content…

Cell phones aren’t usually that big so it gives the students a great opportunity to cheat. Most of the time during a test, students go to different websites to look for answers .Since they get free Wi-Fi in classrooms; it even becomes easier for them to cheat. In addition to that students can also trade answers with other students in class through Facebook, sms, kik, message and other social apps.Nowadays, cell phones have become one of the most useful source in America. In other words, a month earlier, I was looking through some photographs in my library class .The pictures were about students who cheats on class works, tests, quizzes and homework and can even go to Gail for plagiarism. On the other hand, today’s students take this as a joke. They don’t realize how it affects their grades. You can cheat a lot in life but one day there will be nothing to cheat from or anyone to get the answers from. In spite of this it is not always mandatory for someone to depend on a source more than themselves. This was another reason to explain why students should not be allowed to bring cell phones to school.

Pursuing this further, students should not be allowed to bring cell phones to school because it can be used for cyber bullying. Students bully other students in hallways, bathrooms, classrooms and playgrounds but cyber bullying is when you bully someone throughout emailing. Eventually, a

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