Unemployment Research Paper Outline

A Manual For Composing A Strong Research Paper About Unemployment


First and foremost, you need to spend plenty of time researching and studying the topic; and unemployment is a large topic indeed. So as you study and make notes, think about which area you would like to focus on the most; for instance: are you more interested in political reasons and big business factors for the cause of the issue, or are you more concerned with how the level of people out of work can be raised?

Once you’ve decided on an area of interest, make sure that you have some solid facts and quotes to include, as using your references is crucial to the success of this type of assignment.


Next, you need to stop gazing at the T.V, turn it off and focus. With that done, you should then collect your notes together and form a skeleton for your paper. Make some rough chapter headings and decide which information belongs together and where you should place it. Once you have a sort of map for the work, you can begin to actually write it.

The parts…

The main parts of any essay are the introduction, the chapters with the main body of text, and the conclusion. The latter should restate your initial intentions, if the studies conducted and opinions given have resulted in any satisfactory conclusions, and summarize and conclude. The introduction is always best written last. It should be a brief affair, consisting of an outline for the work, the aims and objectives and what conclusions may hope to be reached. That’s why it’s easier to write it last- you’ll be so much clearer on knowing what details should be included.

Going above and beyond…

To write a really good essay, you’ll need to go that extra mile. It certainly helps if you choose an issue because you’re passionate about it. This will definitely come across in your writing and will draw the reader in. Having said that, don’t pick anything too obscure or for reasons of passion only. You need to cite references throughout and come to conclusions in an unbiased opinion, so you need to make sure that there’s a plethora of resources on the subject.

To go above and beyond, it’s a great idea to obtain some information that isn’t in every text book and being used by every student! You could visit halls of records, request latest figures or try to get an interview with a reputable source. If those things seem out of your reach, then simply look at things from a fresh perspective!

If you are given a topic about unemployment for your research paper, take it as a challenge. You will get many resources to make your paper stand out. If you have the freedom to choose, you can formulate your paper around the unemployment rate of ethnic groups in USA to unemployment among senior citizens post retirement.

There will always be procrastinators who start just before the day of the final submission. But many of them vouch for the fact that- last-minute deadline brings out the best out of them. If you are like that, who sits up to write before the day of the final deadline, then you better be armed to deal with it properly.

  • Pick a topic that is backed up by materials
  • You should pick a topic of unemployment that is backed up by lots of resources. However, you may not have the time to visit library, so make it up by searching the internet. Wikipedia will come extremely handy in this respect. So do the valid sites. But do keep in mind that- you are not allowed to plagiarize even a sentence. Set a deadline for your investigation, say, 2 hours max.

  • Write down the sources
  • You need to write down the urls of web sources. But your mentor will invariably prefer a printed source over a digital one. For that, download pdf/ buy a cheap book on your kindle on the topic and go through the relevant portions. Note down the page number as well as the author’s name.

  • Pen down the thesis statement first
  • The thesis statement of your research paper should be constructed first. As the time is limited, you don’t have the luxury to make it innovative, shocking or an eye-opener. Just state the course you want to take through your paper.

  • Attack the body paragraphs then
  • Here you need to decide upon the number of body paragraphs. You don’t need to go out-of-box way. Just make sure, your topic and resources mere seamlessly. Take care of the language of writing, grammar and spellings. Set 5-6 hours max to write them down.

  • Construct the introduction and conclusion at the very last
  • Contrary to the popular belief, you need to write down the introduction at the last stage. Start it with a catchy info/data/quote and finish it off within 5-6 lines. The conclusion must re-instate the whole paper in a different language and you should put recommendations for future work here.

  • Put the citation page carefully
  • If you have written down the sources during the time of investigation, then creating a citation page is a no-brainer. Just copy paste them in a fresh document. If you are confused about the format, check the net for APA/MLA style.

  • Revise the research paper before oin to bed
  • Once you are done writing, take a break for at least two hours. This space will give your mind some rest and rejuvenation. Once you are done, start revising and re-editing your paper.

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