Provided In Confidence Definition Essay

  • Confidence returned with a warm rush.

  • "I'm ready," she said with more confidence than she felt.

  • He wasn't a tall man, but he walked with the confidence of one.

  • He drove with skill and confidence - which was no surprise.

  • His confidence was worth the risk.

  • The big question was, would her confidence last?

  • If it was so simple, Andre wouldn't be trying to drop a hint without betraying the confidence of Deidre.

  • Maybe it was simply his confidence that impressed people.

  • Their confidence in him would fall further.

  • Katie accused her of allowing Alex to make decisions because she had no confidence in herself – and that Alex was taking advantage of her because he had a controlling personality.

  • Inhabitants, return with confidence to your abodes!

  • Something about her voice gave me enough confidence to continue.

  • Katie would probably say it was the way he took control, but in actuality, it was the confidence he exuded.

  • Then, with a rush of confidence, she added, But I'm not a moron either.

  • "I've got Xander," she said with more confidence than she felt.

  • Dr. Bell said "No!" with great confidence, and the kite was sent up.

  • Jared asked, the confidence in his voice replaced by unease.

  • He looked as calm as he sounded, and she wondered how he could face his own possible death with such confidence and poise.

  • His air of cool confidence was more than likely the result of frequent business contacts - one of Denton's colleagues?

  • He had no regard for the sentimental value of the farm where she grew up, nor any confidence that she was capable of running it.

  • From the first Mr Hart gained the entire confidence of the members of the Chinese government, who were wise enough to recognize his loyal and able assistance.

  • Over time, we will feel that kind of confidence in this kind of system.

  • Armfeldt virulently hated Napoleon and was a general full of self-confidence, a quality that always influenced Alexander.

  • It was with the hope of restoring my self-confidence that she persuaded me to write for the Youth's Companion a brief account of my life.

  • But as Barclay did not inspire confidence his power was limited.

  • Mr. Dean wished he felt a modicum of confidence in himself as the three drifted off to sleep—David and Cynthia Dean, with SB, the Bird Song owl, snuggled next to them.

  • That was best until the men gained a little confidence riding.

  • But when he came across a man of position his instinct immediately told him that this man could be useful, and without any premeditation Prince Vasili took the first opportunity to gain his confidence, flatter him, become intimate with him, and finally make his request.

  • People often do not contribute to discussions if they lack confidence.

  • A good way to hurt someone'sconfidence is to belittle their hard work.

  • Was it merely a facade, or did he always have a clear view of where he was headed and the confidence to get him there?

  • Berg, who had obtained his captaincy during the campaign, had gained the confidence of his superiors by his promptitude and accuracy and had arranged his money matters very satisfactorily.

  • Gabe drew a breath, expecting Andre wouldn't betray the confidence of his mate.

  • The expression on his face as he handed the translation to her said he needed the confidence that moment provided.

  • Confidence returned to Alex with his voice and the nightmares stopped.

  • His confidence was too strong to shake, and she suspected he knew just how damned good in bed he was and how unlikely any woman who'd had him would choose another man over him.

  • She likes your confidence and tenacity.

  • Then again, if she gained more confidence, maybe it would make both Alex and Katie feel that she wasn't a lost cause.

  • Then you must have a lot of confidence in Gerald.

  • I love the way you take charge; your confidence and the way you're so fastidious about everything.

  • It gave him some level of confidence that her warning was one born of necessity, not idle speculation.

  • The guy exud­ed confidence to the point where Dean felt as if he had just dropped a plateful of mashed potatoes in his lap while this tall, dark stranger was toasting the queen.

  • That was fact, not lack of confidence speaking.

  • He had the same air of confidence, and the bronzed tan... but surely Alex would have said something.

  • "I'll know," he said with more confidence than he felt.

  • Normally Dean wouldn't have considered for a minute betray­ing a confidence, but somehow he felt this young girl deserved to know.

  • In any case, the house rental was her business and she needed to gain the confidence of running it without his direction.

  • The improvement they cannot help seeing in their child has given them more confidence in me.

  • The confidence with which he spoke floored her.

  • Langeron's objections were valid but it was obvious that their chief aim was to show General Weyrother--who had read his dispositions with as much self-confidence as if he were addressing school children--that he had to do, not with fools, but with men who could teach him something in military matters.

  • "Hurrah!" shouted Prince Andrew, and, scarcely able to hold up the heavy standard, he ran forward with full confidence that the whole battalion would follow him.

  • "I should not be doing my duty, Count," he said in timid tones, "and should not justify your confidence and the honor you have done me in choosing me for your second, if at this grave, this very grave, moment I did not tell you the whole truth.

  • He had a brilliant position in society thanks to his intimacy with Countess Bezukhova, a brilliant position in the service thanks to the patronage of an important personage whose complete confidence he enjoyed, and he was beginning to make plans for marrying one of the richest heiresses in Petersburg, plans which might very easily be realized.

  • And despite his self-confidence and grumpy German sarcasm he was pitiable, with his hair smoothly brushed on the temples and sticking up in tufts behind.

  • Part of me was hesitant to answer but something in the old man's voice gave me confidence he possessed no untoward ambitions.

  • That confidence had always been conveyed in conversation in the past.

  • His confidence in finding a way to make the relationship work grew with each passing moment.

  • Three years later, Nicolas Blesdijk, who had married his eldest daughter Jannecke (Susanna), but had lost confidence in Jorisz some time before his death, denounced the dead man to the authorities of Basel.

  • To the third party--in which the Emperor had most confidence--belonged the courtiers who tried to arrange compromises between the other two.

  • No confidence in me!

  • Jule was knocked off his feet by a hard blow but got back up, beckoning to the other creature with a look of confidence out of place for his bloodied face.

  • By the confidence in his voice, he expected her not only to agree, but to resume her place on his arm.

  • The truth was, Carmen lacked the confidence to make decisions.

  • We have a plan, Kelli answered with confidence Lana didn't share.

  • Vinnie Baratto stuffed his face with a double breakfast order and gained confidence with every bite.

  • Her breath caught as she recalled his searing touch and gaze, his passionate kisses, his confidence that nothing in this world would stop him from getting what he wanted.

  • His aura of power, his command and confidence, the sense that—whatever he was—he was something humankind wasn't prepared to face.

  • This gives me confidence that, in the wisdom-seeking systems of the future, people will be willing to share data to make the algorithms better.

  • The most cunning man could not have crept into her confidence more successfully, evoking memories of the best times of her youth and showing sympathy with them.

  • We're working on her self-confidence but it's still better than her mother's.

  • The Astrakhan rebellion (1706), which affected all the districts under his government, shook Peter's confidence in him, and seriously impaired his position.

  • I had an idea that I could win the love and confidence of my little pupil by the same means that I should use if she could see and hear.

  • I felt proud to know that the liberties of Massachusetts and of our fatherland were in such safe keeping; and as I turned to my hoeing again I was filled with an inexpressible confidence, and pursued my labor cheerfully with a calm trust in the future.

  • Lay your respect and confidence at his feet and do not delay to unite with us!

  • What is healthy self-confidence?

    Self-confidence is the belief in oneself and abilities, it describes an internal state made up of what we think and feel about ourselves. This state is changeable according to the situation we are currently in and our responses to events going on around us. It is not unusual to feel quite confident in some circumstances and less confident in others. It is also influenced by past events and how we remember them; recalling a former success has a very different outcome in terms of our confidence levels than thinking about an occasion when we failed.

    Confidence and self-esteem are terms which are often used interchangeably, but although there is over-lap perhaps there are also subtle differences. Self-confidence can refer to how we feel about ourselves and our abilities whereas self-esteem refers directly to whether or not we appreciate and value ourselves. We may have been discouraged from being boastful but a healthy amount of self-liking and self-approval is necessary if we are to have the confidence to meet life's challenges and participate as fully as we wish to in whatever makes life enjoyable and rewarding for us. In a sense, we could say that having healthy self-esteem leads to being self-confident.

    Where does self-confidence come from?

    Early experiences are influential in achieving a healthy level of self-esteem.

    If we are fortunate and had relatively favourable conditions and experiences whilst we are growing up, we are likely to develop a healthy self-esteem and become confident people. However, if conditions and experiences are mainly negative we are more likely to experience difficulties developing our confidence. Some of the negative messages we have received will have been internalized and become part of what we think and feel about ourselves.

    Here and now

    A person lacking in self-confidence who receives a low mark for an assignment may think, "What else could I expect? I'm stupid, this proves it, and I might as well leave." A person with healthy self-esteem who receives a low mark may think, "I wonder where I went wrong? I'll find out so that I can do better next time." Although this person may feel disappointed, s/he does not feel diminished as a person, by the low mark.

    If we have little self-confidence then the ‘low mark' scenario may trigger memories of similar events in the past and then lead to a cycle of negative thinking in the form of self-critical put-downs. This is how we intensify and perpetuate a lack confidence. When we feel low like this our expectations about the future tend to be negative and this discourages us from really trying. Then we experience another disappointing result and feel negative about ourselves again.

    Why are confidence and self-esteem important?

    The impact of having low confidence and self-esteem varies greatly and can range from only impacting in one specific setting to being very restricting and debilitating. Low self-confidence can result in:

    • shyness
    • communication difficulties
    • social anxiety
    • lack of assertiveness

    What would improve my confidence and self-esteem?

    • Learn to be more assertive and not feel guilty about saying no
    • Give yourself at least equal priority as those you love
    • Examine why you feel bad about yourself and what you can do to change this
    • Monitor your self talk and question your negative statements about yourself
    • Stop focusing on yourself too much and try to help others
    • Make time for yourself and treat yourself often
    • Don't be afraid to ask others for what you want

    What strategies could I use to improve my self-confidence?

    1. Practicing self-acceptance

    We can improve our self-confidence in a number of ways. One of the most important ways is to become more accepting of ourselves. Look at your strengths and achievements and put a plan in place to address areas of weakness.

    We can start by noticing situations which increase our self-confidence, and those which diminish it. By consistently taking notice of our fluctuating levels of self-confidence we may discover important information about ourselves.

    We need to practice self-acceptance, feeling OK about ourselves and others regardless of the existing conditions. If we make mistakes, hurt or offend other people, it may be appropriate to make amends but it need not lead to low self-confidence. In this way, we may sometimes think it is reasonable to be critical of our behaviour and try to change it but without being critical of ourselves. This attitude helps maintain a healthy level of self-confidence.

    2. Focus on your achievements

    If you take time to think you will realise that you have achieved so many things in your life. It doesn't matter what these achievements are only that they are important to you. List them and remember what they meant to you. It doesn't matter what you think about your life at present if you are honest with yourself you will make a long list and that will make you feel good. Every small thing you are proud of should be added to your list. The fact that you are focusing on positives will also help you to increase your level of self esteem.

    3. Making personal changes

    If, as a result of monitoring your self-esteem and confidence, you decide that you want to change, it is best to identify some specific goals. What can you change that will make you feel better about yourself? There are two kinds of changes you may wish to focus on. The first are changes in your life and how you live it. Ask yourself are you happy in your job? Is it satisfying? Is there something else you'd rather do? What about your relationships or your social life? If you would like to be more assertive for example then start working on that immediately.

    Having done that, it is necessary to make sure that they are manageable; break it down into smaller steps or identify a less ambitious change to attempt first. For example, in order to be able to speak up in seminars, it may be easier to begin by expressing opinions more often with friends. Becoming comfortable with this can make the next step, contributing in a seminar, easier.

    4. Seeking out positive experiences and people

    We can give ourselves positive experiences as a way of increasing our self-confidence. Also, spending time with people who like us for who we are is helpful. Surround yourself with positive influences and avoid those who are constantly being negative. Being around critical people most of the time or withdrawing from genuine social contact can have a detrimental effect on how we feel about ourselves and our self-confidence.

    5. Positive affirmations

    Use positive self-talk and affirmations to reprogram your thinking. "I am a good and worthwhile person". Way too often we are uncaring and unsupportive of ourselves. We can be very generous and loving towards others, but sometimes we forget to be loving and kind to ourselves. Monitor your self-talk and eliminate negative

    6. Rewards and support

    Give yourself rewards as you practice building your self-esteem. It doesn't really matter what the reward is as long as it is something you value. It may be a night out, a bar of chocolate, or watching your favourite TV programme.

    If you can, tell a good friend what you are doing; their encouragement and feedback on the changes you are making could be invaluable support.

    Further Resources

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    Student Services - Growing Your Assertiveness Workshops

    Should you feel you need further help with your confidence and self-esteem building contact Student Services for individual counselling.

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