My Lsbu Late Submission Homework

So basically, I have screwed up really bad this year (I'm a first year). I will fail 3 out of 6 modules.

This is how I performed on my failed modules

failed module 1 - a passed the first exam, did not attend the second exam and failed the final exam
failed module 2 - did not submit first assignment, failed the second assignment and the final exam as well
failed module 3 - did not submit first assignment, will definitely pass the second assignment

I will not achieve the 40% mark in any of these modules and the problem is, I think I may not be allowed to resit. I checked my uni policies and it says you only have an automatic right to reassessment if you attempted the exam originally and I did not. The policies say that in the case that someone has not attempted - and without extenuating circumstances, 'the university may not give the right to reassessment'.

I did not know about these policies at the time when I didnt hand my assignments in/did not sit exams. I did not prepare for the exams so I didnt attend because I knew I wouldnt pass anyway. I also just thought that it doesnt matter because I will pass my other exams/assignments with really high marks so I can still achieve a 40%... however that is not the case.

The reason for my poor performance is that I have been very stressed out and very down since December, first of all I have had ongoing money issues and it was very hard for me to scrape through the year and had no money by the end of each month, there were two months where I couldnt even pay my accomodation (payed it since then) and was very stressed throughout the year due to this, there have been times when I didnt have money to buy food for days.
Due to my money problems I have had trouble settling into uni properly, as I do not have money to socialize, all my flatmates go to parties and places all the time and I have sort of been left behind because of my financial issues so I just sort of withdrew and this has made me feel very down and isolated.

On top of this, my parents had a major fall out and stopped speaking to each other and my mom was comtemplating divorce and this just made everything as worse as it could possibly get, I know this doesnt seem like a big deal, parents get divorced all the time, who cares, it isnt an excuse. But if my mom divorces my dad she would have no place to go - she has a job that pays below the minimum wage and could not afford to live alone, my dad is a pensior and he would starve to death on that money as well, not to mention the fact that my parents havent been able to keep up with mortgage payments in over a year now and could get kicked out anytime.
This has been stressing me out massively, and on top of that I am far away from home so I have no idea what's actually going on between them - there have been instances in the past where they almost got divorced and their arguments almost turned physical and the police got involved because my dad locked my mom out etc, but now I dont live at home so I dont even know what is going on between them exactly and for months now I have been worrying about them killing each other or getting kicked out of our home etc.

I have been feeling awful this year and completely lost all motivation to do anything, I just basically abadoned my uni work - my attendance has been very low and I've pretty much just been in my room all year doing nothing and being upset and stressed out. Im sure I have mild depression (and anxiety as well) and have had this for years but this has been aggravated by these situations to the point where I just abandoned everything. My mood is also made worse by the fact that I have an underactive thyroid and my condition is constantly worsening and I have to be put on a higher dose all the time and it makes me feel very lethargic and I often feel very 'out of it' so this just makes my constant stress even worse (I do have a blood test coming up so I will start taking a higher dose soon)
All this has led to me just being depressed in my room which also makes things worse because I have been comfort eating which has made my gain weight which has made me even more depressed.

I had my final exam of the year today (module 3). I managed to pull myself today and study and I was aiming to get 80% (so that I can still pass the module) but did not have time to finish the paper, so I have calculated that I will only get around a 60-70%. So its official. I have failed three modules.

I am just so sad because I know this is the right course for me and I am capable of achieving good marks when I attempt to...its not that the course isnt right for me. If I get kicked out it will only make everything even worse than it already is. I mean I wouldnt even be able to attend another uni. No one would take me knowing that Ive been kicked out couldnt even get a reference, obviously....

Does anyone have any experience of what happens if you fail a module due to non-submission of assignments/non-attendance of exams? This makes me so angry because I know I could easily pass all my exams if I was allowed a resit, I didnt know I wouldnt be allowed if I didnt show up at all...

I have seriously never felt so low in my life, I dont know what to do.

Он поздравил меня с обнаружением «черного хода» в «Попрыгунчике», - продолжал Хейл.  - И назвал это победой в борьбе за личные права граждан всего мира.

Ты должна признать, Сьюзан, что этот «черный ход» был придуман для того, чтобы ввести мир в заблуждение и преспокойно читать электронную почту.

По мне, так поделом Стратмору.

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