Interior Design Personal Statement Sample

I have always had a great interest in Interior Designing. This is because I have a passion for interior designing which developed form a love of designing catalogues. My interest has grown through watching programmes related to designing homes. I understand that designing the interior is very important whether it’s a home, school, office or any other building as it makes a place look unique and fit for purpose. I am applying for this course because I want to develop my knowledge of interior designing. In future I intend to help people with my creative ideas in decorating and designing to help them make their homes look attractive also give them what they are looking for. I eagerly want to learn how a space is planned and then presented. I want to gain the knowledge of how to mix materials together to make a comfortable space. I would like to learn how to furnish space, and how texture, colour, lighting and other factors combine and interact to make a space eye-catching and pleasing. Looking at different homes and offices made me realise how designing the interior plays an important role in our lives to make our surroundings look beautiful.

Throughout my BTEC studies I have gained and developed many skills in different areas of art and design. I have obtained several skills which I can transfer into designing. I have learnt how to do screen printing onto paper using many different colours. Screen printing is a very unique technique which allows me to produce a picture which looks abstract because of the use of block colours. I realised how I could design an abstract image using the screen printing which would reflect my imagination.

I have also learned how to work with different materials in my 3D textiles recycling unit, where I learned how I was able to weave and combine different materials such as wool, plastic, tissue paper and fabric together onto cardboard. I realised how an old technique could look so great with using different colored materials and it also could be used in decorating a place where old and contemporary techniques could be combined. Another project that I really enjoyed during my BTEC course was fragmentation and distortion. I enjoy this unit very much as I learn how to develop a film and how to produce prints using the darkroom. I have experimented with several darkroom techniques such as solarisation and homemade negatives. I learned how to make my own negative with sequin, glitter and net. With my homemade negative I produced some beautiful enlarged prints for which I had to use the enlarger in the darkroom.

Out of college I enjoy visiting art galleries such as the National Art Gallery London. One artist that had really inspired me during my printmaking work was Andy Warhol who changed the viewpoint of pop art and made people realize what it is. I also enjoy flicking through furniture catalogues where professionals have presented their furniture in a beautiful way in a room and have decorated it outstandingly.

I have an excellent attendance record and I am very punctual. I can work within a group effectively and can collaborate very well with others. I also have very good communication skills when working with others. I can work individually and can present my work very well to a group. I mange my time effectively and can meet deadlines when required.

In future, I would like to be an interior designer and I want to work on different projects which have different needs and design a place in a way that attracts people to my work and ideas. I want to satisfy the people I will work for in the future and make the most of my skills. I think that I am best suited for the Interior Designing course because I have an aspiration to study this course further in university and to become a successful interior designer.

Personal Statement Interior Design

Interior design is a career that many artistic-minded individuals pursue so that they can work in a field that they are truly passionate about. There is nothing like getting a job that makes you look forward to going to work, and that is why many people get into this area. Unfortunately, the path to becoming a successful designer is not an easy one, and you need to get into the right program to get your career started on the right foot. The interior design personal statement is a spot on the application where you tell a school something important about yourself, and this can be the difference between acceptance and rejection.

Sample of Interior Design Personal Statement

Our Industrial Design Personal Statement Tips

The artist personal statement is a cross between an art and a science; there are certain calculated factors that need to be addressed, but you also need room to be original and prove your creativity. You need to tell them what makes you a special person, and you also need to remind them why you are the type of individual who can excel at their school.

The Essense of Interior Design Personal Statements

The main advice for writing is to stay true to yourself. There’s no need to come up with some incredible talents that you think will impress the reader. Interior design personal statement is only the first step and the chance to express yourself. Add your personality to it and it will definitely stand out. Don’t brag about your past achievements much, instead focus on the things you want to achieve in the future and how you’re planning on doing it. It’s all about the perspective.

Make the first steps on the way to a successful career by creating a stunning interior design personal statement!

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