Police Brutality Opposing Viewpoints Essay

"Long-standing series about controversial contemporary issues continue(s) to turn out exceptional titles. Greenhaven's Opposing Viewpoints presents multiple perspectives on hot topics such as abortion, the death penalty, and censorship through excerpts from primary materials ranging from speeches to cartoons."
-- Booklist (October 2001) (Booklist 20011015)

"The format and approach are identical to other titles in the series; both sides of a particular issue are explored in depth. Each essay is prefaced by questions that will help students focus their reading and each chapter concludes with suggestions for further reading and research. Students will find the articles helpful in examining these controversial and often emotional issues."
-- School Library Journal (August 2002) (School Library Journal 20020801)

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-- Booklist (June 2002) (Booklist 20020615)

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-- School Library Journal (June 2002) (School Library Journal 20020601)

"Written by educators, scientists, journalists, doctors, veterinarians, members of the clergy and advocates. This excellent volume will elicit group discussion and help to develop critical thinking and analysis of sensitive issues."
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"As always in the Opposing Viewpoints series, there are voices from many sides of the debate."
-- Booklist (April 2002) (Booklist 20020415)

"Most present clear, fact-supported points that readers will find valuable for speeches and reports. Editorial cartoons, anectdotes, and statistics break up the essays, make reading easier. This is a well-balanced approach to the issues, argued with studied analysis rather than bind emotion."
-- Booklist (April 2002) (Booklist 20020401)

"This series is invaluable for preparing students for debates, classes, or research assignments. Opposing Viewpoints books help prepare high school students for critical thinking and make them aware of issues that affect society today. Recommended."
-- The Book Report (March-April 2002) (Book Report 20020401)

"Most useful in schools with religion and/or philosophy courses, but should also appeal to general readers."
-- School Library Journal (April 2002) (School Library Journal 20020401)

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#BlackLivesMatter has been a controversial issue since its inception– on one side, the supporters believe it is a way to expose the injustices in police brutality against black people in particular. On the other side, the opposing view is that it’s not inclusive and is discriminatory against other races that aren’t African American. The first three embedded tweets are against #BlackLivesMatter– the first tweet is of the opinion that Stanford University should be ashamed of itself for accepting a Muslim applicant into the school who wrote #BlackLivesMatter on his essay 100 times.

The second tweet is a sarcastic comment that highlights how all lives should be represented, including Blue Lives.

The third tweet is an example of how anti-discrimination can happen, with only African Americans being allowed to attend an event in Philly.

The last three embedded tweets are in support of #BlackLivesMatter– the first of these tweets shows the statistics that proves just being black increases your chances of being shot by a police officer.

The second tweet references the McKinney incident, where a cop in Texas pulled his gun on unarmed black people at a pool party.

The third tweet links to an article and shows a disturbing picture of a young black man whose head was smashed thorough a window by a cop, yet another example of police brutality against the African American race.

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