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About the Client

With more than 120 stores, Beds ‘R’ Us is the largest independent bedding group in Australasia. For more than 20 years, Beds ‘R’ Us has provided expert advice and an extensive range of quality Australian made mattresses, bedding furniture and manchester.

Client Objective

Beds ‘R’ Us operates under a unique corporate structure as a buying and marketing co-operative for individual bedding retailers. Taking into account this complex business arrangement, Beds ‘R’ Us Corporate required an eCommerce solution that would enable each member store to create and maintain their own site while ensuring complete corporate oversight and consistency in branding.

iFactory Solution

Using the advanced content management system, Magento, iFactory designed and built an integrated eCommerce solution involving 72 sub-sites allowing each Beds ‘R’ Us store to promote, manage and sell their distinct range of products.

Despite the size and complexity of this project, the user experience is seamless. When accessing the Beds ‘R’ Us website for the first time, users are instructed to select their nearest store, which once selected enables them to browse and make purchases through that store. Users can browse by category and even customise their search by price, size, brand, feel and more. Online purchases can then be made easily and securely using eWay, PayPal and all major credit cards.

Crucially, this solution enables all sales to be attributed to a specific Beds ‘R’ Us store. It also means that branding remains consistent and Bed ‘R’ Us Corporate is able to market products and specials nationally. It offers oversight of national performance, plus there is a degree of control maintained so that members compete fairly.

In addition to the site design and build, iFactory also delivered a range of marketing and creative services, including a comprehensive corporate style guide, social media policy, branded templates for print, and branding for street signage and merchandise.

Key website features included:

Logo refresh inc Corporate Style Guide
Stakeholder workshops to develop detailed user profiles and case studies
Magento as eCommerce CMS
Advanced search functions with lazy loading
Payment gateway using PayPal, eWay and credit cards
Secure online payments with VeriSign
Google Maps integration
Individual member login with customised dashboard, analytics and reporting
Social Media Policy
eNewsletter sign up
Professional copywriting
In-depth user training and ongoing support

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